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Gun Shops UK

Are you looking for gun shops UK that offer servicing, sales, repairs, gun storage and more? If so, then make Park Street Guns your top choice. What makes us different from other gun shops UK? We have been family-owned for 30+ years and pride ourselves on excellent customer service in a friendly and professional manner. Get in touch with us today.

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    Gun Shops UK | What do we do?

    What can you find at gun shops UK? Here at Park Street Guns, you can find an extensive range of services to cater to every aspect of your gun requirements.

    Guns For Sale | Gun Shops UK

    Looking for your next gun? If so, then gun shops UK are the answer. Here at Park Street Guns, we hold a vast inventory of guns for sale UK. Whether you’re looking for a Shotgun, Air Rifle, Rifle or Air Pistol our experienced team will guide you through the selection process. We want to ensure you find the perfect gun to meet your needs and preferences.

    Cartridges For Sale | Gun Shops UK

    Gun shops UK stock an extensive range of cartridges, and Park Street Guns is no exception. We stock cartridges from leading brands including Fiocchi, Eley and Lyalvale Express. Whether you’re heading to the shooting range or are planning your next hunting trip, you’ll find the perfect gun cartridges for sale UK with us.

    Gun Repairs | Gun Shops UK

    If you are experiencing issues with your gun, our skilled team can help. At our gun shops UK, we work closely with several gunsmiths and can arrange gun repairs and alterations to most guns.  A lot of airgun repairs are done on-site, however those we cannot do are given to a local air gunsmith or sent back to the manufacturer for repair.

    Gun Servicing | Gun Shops UK

    Gun shops UK offer a full range of gunsmithing services on shotguns and airguns and limited services on rifles. Some jobs are done in-house while others are given to our local gunsmiths who have over 50 years of experience in the art of gunsmithing. For individual jobs, please get in touch with us for an estimate. Valuations for insurance purposes and probate are undertaken free of charge.

    Gun Storage | Gun Shops UK

    Do you need secure gun shops UK to store your firearms? We offer storage facilities for when you need to put your guns in safekeeping for a while. Gun storage costs £10 per month per gun with a minimum charge of one month’s storage. Unless agreed by prior arrangement storage periods last for a maximum of three years and payment is required when guns are collected.

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    Who can own a gun in the UK?

    In the UK, those who wish to own a gun must meet certain legal requirements and obtain the necessary permits. Generally, to legally own a firearm, you must:

    • Be of Legal Age

    The minimum age for owning a firearm in the UK is 18 years old.

    • Obtain a Firearms Certificate or Shotgun Certificate

    To own a gun in the UK, you must obtain a Firearms Certificate (FAC) or Shotgun Certificate (SGC), certificates which are issued by the police.

    • Demonstrate Responsible Ownership

    Individuals must demonstrate that they can safely and responsibly handle a firearm and may need to complete a firearm safety course and ensure secure storage arrangements.

    • Comply with Firearms Regulations

    There are strict regulations in place regarding the storage, transportation and use of firearms in the UK. Users must adhere to these regulations.

    • Not Be Prohibited

    Certain individuals are prohibited from owning guns, including those with a history of violent crime, mental health issues, or substance abuse problems.

    If you’re unsure if you can own a gun in the UK, get in touch with professional gun shops UK. At Park Street Guns, we can provide trusted advice to keep you safe whilst you use your firearm.

    Gun Shops UK | Frequently Asked Questions

    Can you keep a gun at home UK?

    The Home Office have issued guidance with recommends that firearms should be stored in a locked gun cabinet or other similarly secure container. At Park Street Guns, our gun shop UK offers gun storage. Speak to us today for more information.

    Can I purchase firearms online?

    While it’s possible to browse firearms online, the actual purchase must be completed in person at a registered gun dealer, like Park Street Guns. Gun shops UK ensure compliance with legal requirements and allow for proper identification and background checks.

    What brands of firearms do you carry?

    We carry a wide range of guns from leading manufacturers, including Beretta, Miroku, Weihrauch, Browning, Lincoln, and more. We constantly update our inventory to offer the latest models.

    Can you ship firearms and ammunition?

    Gun shops UK must adhere to all legal requirements and regulations regarding the sale and shipment of firearms and ammunition. We offer an RFD Transfer Service for guns that we cannot supply or source for you.  Please do not ask us to accept new guns for transfer unless they are custom-built for you. Quite often we can match or even beat prices you have been quoted for new guns so please ask us first before buying elsewhere. The transfer fee for second-hand guns is £25 per gun.

    Why choose Park Street Guns as your gun shop UK?

    30+ Years of Experience

    We have over 30 years of experience, making us one of the leading gun shops in the UK.

    Knowledge & Expertise

    Park Street Guns is a family-owned and run company, so you can enjoy a wealth of knowledge and experience.

    Range of Services

    Park Street Guns is a family-owned and run company, so you can enjoy a wealth of knowledge and experience.

    Do you want to work with one of the top gun shops UK? If so, then experience the difference with Park Street Guns and get in touch with us today!