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Updated 24th February 2023 – New Fiocchi Prices

We are stockists of Fiocchi, Eley and Lyalvale Express cartridges. Below are current prices of our most popular sellers:

First Select Plastic 28gr£269£67.25
First Select Fibre 28gr£276£69.00
Pigeon Select 30gr Fibre£304£76
Gp Trad Steel Eco Wad 30gr£492£123

Most Other Eley Cartridges Available From Stock, Call For Current Prices

Top One Plastic 28gr£250£62.50
Top One Fibre 28 Gr£270£67.50
Fblu 28gr Plastic 28gr£270£67.50
Fblack Plastic 28gr£275£68.75
Fblack Fibre 28gr£295£73.75
F3/F3 Piston/F3 Bior Plastic£291£72.75
Fiocchi Pigeon 32gr Plastic£289£72.25
Fiocchi Pigeon 32gr Felt£336£84.00

All Other Fiocchi’s Available Either In Shop Or To Order, Call For Current Pricing
Bulk Discounts Available For Clubs, Please Call For Deals!
We Are All Facing Uncertain Times As Far As Cartridge Prices Go So Please Note That Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice, Please Call For More Details

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