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About Park Street Guns

Are you interested in finding out about the people you are likely to meet here at Park Street Guns?  We hope that this is the case!  If so then please take a look at the brief biographies of the staff written below.

Bob Battaglia – Proprietor Bob is currently enjoying his forty fourth year in the UK gun trade having started working for Bloomfields Gunmakers of Radlett back in 1973.  In 1986 he made the decision to go it alone and opened the shop in 1987 and has overseen the continuing growth of the business since then. Knowledgeable in all aspects of shooting, Bob’s speciality is the English shotgun.

Stephen Battaglia – Partner Stephen has been working with his father full time since he left school at 18 but was a regular Saturday boy in the shop from the age of 12.  Stephen has an increasing interest in the day to day running of the shop enabling his father to spend more time pursuing his hobbies and deservedly so. As of 1st July 2006 Stephen was elevated to the status of Partner by his mother and father.  All three now have an equal say in exactly what goes on!

Alison Battaglia – Partner Generally to be found behind the scenes, Alison is responsible for all accounts and the dreaded paper work that these involve.  Alison is joint owner/proprietor with her husband, Bob.

Geoff Darton – Assistant Having been here now for thirteen years, Geoff has proved himself to be a very important part of our team – he makes us great tea!  Geoff is knowledgeable in all areas of shooting and is always more than happy to have a chat with you regarding your requirements.